One of the three primary missions of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is ( you guessed it)...Aerospace Education. CAP promotes aerospace education not only to it's members but also to the general public and at times the local schools. Aerospace Education is exactly that the teaching of aerospace.

What is aerospace? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word "aerospace" as 1) space comprising the earth's atmosphere and the space beyond, 2) a physical science that deals with aerospace, 3) the aerospace industry. CAP's aerospace education mission encompasses the teachings of all of these.

The Aerospace Education program encompasses a variety of activities ranging from classroom exercises, to visits to local Aerospace Museum's or  facilities, to even assisting airport facilities during disaster times. However one of the biggest promoters or activities of aerospace education is the Civil Air Patrol Cadet orientation flights with CAP pilots.

For more detailed information about CAP's Aerospace Education program visit CAP's National Website